Our Services

We deliver high quality software products and services. More importantly, we ensure our customers have ‘peace of mind’ with our work.

Application Development

Kometsoft focuses on development of applications including web, mobile and desktop apps.

We’ve implemented diverse sets of applications including web (PHP, NodeJS), mobile (native iOS & Android, hybrid Ionic & React Native) and desktop (Windows app and Office Add-ins) apps.

Training & Coaching (PHP & Ionic)

Are you developing apps in-house? Try our proven Training and Coaching programmes.

Our training program gives you the basic knowledge on the programming, which is important to develop your own applications.

In our coaching program, we’ll develop your application together so that you can enhance it after the coaching program ends.

KSP Coaching

Unlike training, coaching sessions are based on actual development of client's requirement.

Coaching participants is required to identify applications to be built before the session starts.

Training Centre

We have our own training centre in Precint 15, Putrajaya.

The facility is offered to public at very reasonable rate.

Our Products

Our main product is KS Platform, a Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool that helps developers to create Web Application faster with higher quality.

Welcome to Our Company!

Kometsoft is dedicated to provide the best application development solutions to both government and private sectors. Our objective is to become a trusted technology partner in providing high quality & cost efficient solutions, leveraging on best technology available. Since 2003, we’ve delivered more than 180 projects and developed 4 proven products.


Our vision is to become an organization that delivers high quality software products and services.


Our mission is to become a trusted software development provider that delivers high quality software products and services. More importantly we solve our customers’ problems, enable them to grow their business and make their life easier. We’re a team of professionals, highly skillful, honest, caring and well liked by our customers and partners.

What do We Do

We focus on delivering the right solutions based on the following principles:

Focus on delivering quality output = meeting customer’s satisfactions
Avoid dissatisfaction at all costs
Produce high quality source codes, use world-class tools
Implement Best practices in application development
We’re in the business for long-term = continuous improvement is a must

Our Core Values

Our Core Values embody who we are as a Worldwide IT Company, guide our decisions and inspire us.


• Collaborative intranet app for internal communications faster.
• 90% of time is spent in mobile apps according to Flurry Analytics.
• Accessible anywhere anytime, real time push notification and online working.
• Increase working productivity, efficient and effective communication.
• Desktop mobile intranet on app safe and secured application.

Our Main Clients

We work closely with a wide range of clients from different sectors and regions across public sector, private sector and local and national governments.

Your Peace Of Mind Is Our Commitment

If you have any Enquiries come and talk with us in person, we would be great to help you. Please contact us to arrange your appointment.

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