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Training Centre

Presint 15, Putrajaya

Our training centre in Presint 15 (Diplomatik) Putrajaya is open for rent.
The 2nd floor facility is located nearby restaurants, clinics and convenient store.

Our Facilities

  • 18 Participant Tables
    Suitable for notebook usage.

  • 1 Projector & Screen
    Table projector. Screen is fixed.

  • Discussion Area
    With couches for comfortable chats.

  • Fully Air Conditioned
    Powered by two 5hp units for main training area.

  • Dining Area
    With 4 tables & 16 seats.

  • Plates and Glasses
    For foods and baverages.

  • 2 Toilets
    Clean and well maintained.

  • 1 Surau
    Within the training room.