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Mobile Intranet

With Mobile Intranet we provide our customer with flexibility, customization and configurable option. All on your fingertips.

Why your organization should use Mobile Intranet App?

Collaborative intranet app for internal communications faster and seamless experience to organization.
90% of time is spent in mobile apps according to Flurry Analytics (NetMarketShare US June 2015).
Accessible anywhere anytime, real time push notification and offline working capabilities.
Increase working productivity, efficient and effective communication organization and reduce costs.
Desktop mobile intranet on app safe and secured application.

Why you should buy our Mobile Intranet App?

Established in 2003 and successfully delivered more than 100 projects.
In-house development team with experience and technical know how.
Implement Best practices in every application development.
Focus on delivering quality output and cost effective services.
App development based on actual client’s requirement.