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Project Description

What is KS Platform ?

KSP a Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool that helps PHP developers to develop web based applications faster. The generated PHP files can be further customized to cater to user requirements, complex applications and integration.

More than 100 web applications have been created succesfully using KSP, so start building application the smarter way today!

What are the features?

KS Platform (KSP) mainly helps developers to generate PHP codes and files, so developers could skip writting simple but lenghty codes. Developer’s skills can be focused on tackling advance functions.

What does KS Platform do?

KSP’s main features are actually Code Generators and Ready Functions. They are aimed to shortened application development period.

Code Generators such as Class Generator, Form Generator, List Generator and many others allows developers to define several setting properties and generate relevant PHP codes (or files). These codes provides basic coding for working functions, and can be further modified for more complex functions.

Ready Functions provides commonly requirred functions like User Administration, Data Dictionary, Access Control, Audit Trail and others.